7 Words

7Words was a great project to work on. It was a submission for one of my University modules - one which I mistook for the actual coursework - so I speant quite a bit of time working on it, only to find it wasn't really getting marked. Oops :P Deftones have been one of my favorite bands for quite some time, something about Chino's lyrics just speak to me.

When developing 7Words, I took some influence from their website at the time (circa 2010) and what sort of themes I would employ if I was actually going to make a fan site for them. The dark and grungy look is quite common among the genre and was especially true of deftones.com and other fan sites of that time.

I was hoping to make use of a web-based version of the deftones font for use on headings, but browser support at that was was lacking - that and my coursework was more than likely going to be marked and tested using Internet Explorer, meant I had to be very careful what I presented. I didn't make use of any frameworks, the HTML and CSS were built by myself from the ground up. I only knew I wanted a 3 column layout and enough modern features to keep is seeming fresh, but that would also gracefully degrade in older browsers.

The empty space on right hand column should be filled with tweets, but sadly that functionality no longer works. I had found a nice little block of JavaScript that allowed a large amount of customization to a twitter feed, allowing you to style tweets to match the design and flow of your website. API changes in 2013 have meant that these types plugins no longer work. Thanks Twitter, just be glad I could still make use of your widget.