This was an interesting little project that had me scratching my head for a little while - I was tasked with creating something that could link local information with Foursquare. After messing around with the PHP and Python foursquare frameworks (had to teach myself the basics of python for that one), I eventually got things working with the Java framework and got a connected app up and running on with Google App Engine

After that, it was just a case of remembering Java syntax (it had been a while), grabbing the info I needed and then passing it through to my "batcave" once the user checked in to a specified venue. I grabbed the co-ordinates, did a reverse lookup and used the location to pull latest jobs and news form that area.

This was really a proof of concept app to showcase to other teams what we could do. Most of the constraints and difficulties I had came from accessing things on the corporate network (I'd take had count on those who have had this before, but we all know the answer to that). Setting up and configuring the Google app engine, python and ruby was fun.

I really wanted to run this using PHP, but at the time there was no way way of doing so. Getting IT to authorize some web space with an SSL cert would have taken too long. Imagine my dismay when Google announced they were adding PHP to their platform in 2013, just months after I finished the project. Just needed it a few months earlier guys! :P