Danielle Travers

Commissioned by my girlfriend, who studied Fine Art in the University of Cumbria, this site is a small portfolio of the work she created there and offers links to some of her other online work on both Flickr and Deviantart.

This is an art blog, made at a time when the artist was being influenced by Greek mythology and how it effects our lives today. The myths the artist were studying pertained to the treatment of women in ancient Greece, how they were often raped, murdered or kidnapped in those myths. As our society bases itself partially off of the Greek way of life, this has had a trickle down effect into our society.

I tried to keep it as simple as possible with all the focus really being on the content, letting the imagery do the talking. I chose an image why both myself and the artist best represented her work to display as a background to the website. The style is a customized layer on top of Twitter's Responsive Bootstrap CSS framework and the background will adapt, to a certain extent, to the width and height of the device being used.