Halo Renders

A fantastic video rendering service set up by Halowaypoint moderator Ov Thy Demise for rendering video clips from different halo games. The site was originally built upon phpBB with some heavily customised modifications, using a twitter bootstrap based style. Thanks to phpBB being so awesomely easy to use, the site was built and live in less than 2 days.

Over the months following, it became more apparent that the level of functionality desired was not going to be met by me constantly developing and iterating over site projects. Demand for the service was increasing and we had to meet demands the best we could. In late 2013 the site was relaunched under Invision Power Board and IP Content with a fresh, professional looking design, decreasing development times for new features allow more focus on the user base and content management.

I put quite a bit of customization into the carousel on the homepage, the latest news block & articles and helped to research possible new features. When I wasn't developing for the site, I was creating content for it. I took on a role as an editor/content admin for a while, researching and publishing Halo related news to try and build up a community. Also sometimes I got to make awesome graphics like "Happy Birthday Halo". **

**Credit to the ever amazing Frank O'Conner who drew the original, I just touched it up a little