The Core

Another university website, this is the actual coursework submission that I originally thought 7Words was going to be. The class were assigned a film and asked to make a website and lucky me got Star Wars! The header section took the longest as the fixed frame with background and scrolling (at that point) did not play well cross browser. All (well most) images were hand crafted by myself and yes, that means the images on the movies page. I had to recreate the Star Wars logos from scratch as I couldn't source anything with adequate transparency. I took a couple of hours in Photoshop to get them just right, but I am damn proud of how they turned out.

The site itself is very, very basic. Just HTML, JavaScript and CSS. We had to include some calculations, so I really ripped it with the Js on the merchandising page. I really wouldn't advise looking unless a) you are fine with cringing or b) you are in need of a good laugh haha. Oh yeah, part of the project included having to set it up and make it work in thoughts exactly.

Unfortunately some of the sites functionality is broken now and I am unable to resolve this. The custom twitter timelines, styles using a nice JavaScript hack from a few years ago. As twitter have progressed their API's and switched the old endpoints off, I'm not able to pull through the tweets anymore.

Oh, there is a little extra fun to be had. If you find it, let me know. And no, it's not the Yoda style error messages :)