HTML was my introduction to the world of web design. When I was about 10, my dad threw a book at me and told me to learn it. It was a thick book and all about HTML. I did and have never looked back since. Thanks Dad :)

{} CSS

I'm a CSS junkie - there was a time when I put border-radius on everything (I know, I know - but I've stopped that now). I could possibly marry CSS3. Unless, of course, CSS4 makes an appearance... Until then, I'll continue to abuse :hover until touch-screen takes over and renders it useless *sadface*

() jS

JavaScript always confused me when I was a kid - I never really took the time to learn what it was or how it worked, then along came jQuery. It might seem strange, but it did teach me a few things and made me go back and take a look under the hood. Fascinating what I've seen it evolve into, especially things like Three.js and Node.js

<? PHP

I found PHP through phpBB - my first jump into server side programming. I modified forums, broke them, taught myself how to fix them and then eventually started to learn the language behind it. Well, most of it... OK some of it :P

</> The other stuff

I've dabbled in a few other areas - ASP.NET / C#, Ruby, Java and Python - and by dabbled, for some I am just scratching the surface haha, but I like to dive in and try stuff out. Nowhere near an expert and don't aspire to be, just happy knowing a little bit about everything. I love to break things and try and fix them, prototyping and wireframing and attempting to be an amatuer photographer.