This is just a small page to say thanks to some of them

What built the beast

I built this site in PHP using the phpBB Stand-Alone Template Engine to serve up my HTML templates, I just love how simple and powerful this engine is to use. Bootstrap 3.0 was used as the base for styling, with my own customisations layered over the top). Though I was tempted by SQLite initially, my blog, portfolio and some other settings actually use XML files as a means of storage. It was a fun learning project and also a way to keep the site as light as possible. To reduce the amount of images being served, I am now utilising Fontawesome for all my icons.

How the beast was built

First iterations of the site were done with Notepad++, FlashFXP and WAMP as I was primarily working with windows back then. These days, while I do still have my windows laptop, most of my coding is done on my girlfriend's beat up old macbook pro (seriously, it's got more dents than a golf ball haha).

I've switched to a BitNami MAMP Stack and Brackets for coding, the recent surge in extensions has been awesome SSH is sketchy for me right now, so back to Cyberduck for FTP. Everything is source controlled lovingly on BitBucket

Who helped build the beast

Deadmau5 - The best music to code to. Period. #theremightbecoffee. I actually listened to that song non-stop for about a whole week (sadly my scrobbler didn't pick them all up). Firebug has been my best friend for about 5 years now. This may make a lot of people cringe, but I developed a lot of this site using it. Stack Overflow has been like a second best friend, thank you all you wonderful people you.

These lovely folk need a good thanking:

  • @Mark Lang - for teaching me more about programming than any lecturer at University
  • @Don McIntyre - for giving me a playground of freedom, creativity and encouragement;
  • @Dannie - my little catnip, thank you for listening to my endless rants about coding, things not working and buying me pic'n'mix to cheer me up.

Lastly to my fantastic webhost Host Dime who has kept me on the web for more than 5 years now.

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