25th May 2014

If you frequent my twitter account, you may notice the increasing amount of tweets and retweets I have been making over the past few months in relation to women in tech, women's rights and sexism in general. I have wanted to put some thoughts down for a while and I guess tonight finally pushed me to do just that.

About 20 minutes prior to starting this post I read about the shooting in California, involving some guy that thought he was entitled to a woman's body. Sorry, no. Just no

8th May 2014

I hate wasting people's time. Why do people love wasting mine?

A few weeks ago I went through most of the recruitment websites I had signed up with last year and started to update my profile - finally off probation, so I am a now full-time developer, yay! Needless to say in the days and weeks after that I was inundated with emails, phone calls and voicemails about job opportunities. Oh how I love Outlook.com's handling of un-subscriptions :)

21st Feb 2014

I like my music loud, anyone that knows me will probably know that. Music and technology are 2 of the biggets things in my life, they go hand in hand with each other. Wherever I go I will innevitably have music playing, whether it's a 10 minute walk to the store or a 40 minute trip to work. I remember missing so many phone calls solely because I had my mp3 player up so loud and didn't hear the ringer, or didn't feel it vibrate.

13th Feb 2014

I am so bad at time management, I could probably spin it into one of those awkwardly sad Adam Sandler films. Whether it works out in the end is a mystery though I guess :) It seems more obvious to me lately, I find that I barely have time to do anything. Just last weekend there, it was over and gone and I was getting up sleepy eyed for work on Monday. Maybe it's my recent stint of starting and working later that's been throwing me off.