19th Sep 2014

To say that I am not disheartened by today's decision, I would be lying, but I still hold hope for Scotland, for our future. We showed today and over the course of this monumental campaign that we have this amazing voice and we can certainly call up it and use it when it really matters. I want to see this continue. I want to see people continue to fight for what they believe in with the same passion they did over this referendum.

17th Sep 2014

It's amazing what the internet has done for this world in its short existence - connecting people across the globe using the biggest mashup of technology you could ever dream of, i'm amazed it hasn't fully crushed itself under its own weight. What it's also done is open the eyes of millions to that which we would not normally see, or rather not be deemed worthy of seeing.

5th Sep 2014

5 years ago today I met this girl in, what used to be, a rock club near where I stay. We had a great time dancing, chatting and laughing, good times. I think it was actually her second time in in my town and a complete fluke that she was out that night and in the same club I was. A night I'll never forget that's for sure, despite the cocktail we invented and nicknamed "The Black Death". What a night.

13th Jun 2014

Every now and then, through all the misery, pain, destruction and death the world feeds us on a daily basis, every now and then there is a glimmer of hope that pushes through. We reach tipping point and something just snatches it back a little for you, well today for me was one of those days. Today the world showed me that people still care about each other and that gives me hope.