Scotland is still a bonnie country

19th Sep 2014

To say that I am not disheartened by today's decision, I would be lying, but I still hold hope for Scotland, for our future. We showed today and over the course of this monumental campaign that we have this amazing voice and we can certainly call up it and use it when it really matters. I want to see this continue. I want to see people continue to fight for what they believe in with the same passion they did over this referendum.

It may not have worked out in how everyone hoped, but this is the time where we need to be stronger than ever. We need to hold parties accountable to their promises and push for a better Scotland for everyone. There's so much more we can do here. Let's show the world how strong Scotland really is, how passionate we really are about our country and how much love we have for our people.

I don't care what you voted for, I only care that you voted. If you chose to abstain, I hope you can appreciate now just how important your voice could have been.

I want to reiterate again, in case I haven't made it clear in the past, I do not hold any ill will against the people of England or the UK. I have many friends and family spread across this beautiful island and I love them all dearly. My disappointments lie within our government and its politicians, but again there is still hope that we can build a better future. Never give up hope, it's the one thing that you cannot afford to lose.

Stay positive today, know that whatever your choice was, you have made a difference.

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