Scotland is a bonnie country

17th Sep 2014

It's amazing what the internet has done for this world in its short existence - connecting people across the globe using the biggest mashup of technology you could ever dream of, i'm amazed it hasn't fully crushed itself under its own weight. What it's also done is open the eyes of millions to that which we would not normally see, or rather not be deemed worthy of seeing.

I stopped watching television a long time ago, I stopped reading newspapers and I stopped catching the news over dinner. Why? I don't appreciate being spoon fed only what the media decides is worthy of being reported to me. I want the people of the world to show me what is happening. We all have a voice and I will defend to the death the rights of anyone to use it. Don't get me wrong though, I understand perfectly that nobody has the right to be heard. I'll give you pen and paper, but the soapbox and mic you find yourself. I guess Twitter is what really opened my eyes to a lot of this, engaging with people I otherwise would never have gotten the chance to.

In the last few months I've followed hundreds of breaking stories across the world, only to watch as media outlets litter their reporting with torrents of bias, their version of what happened. Directors cut indeed. It's a constant fight for the truth and even then it's not 100% certain that justice will be done. PINAC (Photography is not a crime) is a perfect example of this.

So sure not everyone on the internet has a face or a name, but countless do and those that do are finally showing that their voice is strong and they they won't be silenced into submission. I believe the good of the world will prevail and I will never give up hope on that.

This week my country has a vote to decide its future. I've read comments, tweets, posts and watched videos of opinions of both sides, but neither has had any sway on my decision one way or another. My decision, my vote, is not one I make for myself. This vote is not about my future, it's not about my parents future, it's about the children I will have one day and their children. It's about my nephew and some day his children. It's about what we can do now to make a better life for them.

Independence is not some new fad us Scots thought up on a tea break last year, this is something we have been fighting for for over 300 years (and if you don't believe me on that, well, the internet has some pretty good information out there about the history of Scotland). If we really are #BetterTogether as the campaign says, wouldn't we already be? Why would we be having this referendm in the first place? Scotland wants change and the only way we're going to see that is if we take back our country and make those changes ourselves. Is if going to be tough? Fuck yes it is, that's the hard part about life I'm afraid, you can't expect to sail through everything.

I guess the question really asks if the people of Scotland want to take control of their country, or continue on for another 300 years being controlled by the government of another country?

Scotland is a bonnie country, regardless of the outcome that will never change.

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