The start of something

5th Sep 2014

5 years ago today I met this girl in, what used to be, a rock club near where I stay. We had a great time dancing, chatting and laughing, good times. I think it was actually her second time in in my town and a complete fluke that she was out that night and in the same club I was. A night I'll never forget that's for sure, despite the cocktail we invented and nicknamed "The Black Death". What a night.

Just a few hours earlier I was making the decision that I was giving up trying to find someone for a while. I watched my friends meet partners, break up, meet other people, but I was never one to be forward. My way with words was a fumbling mess of obscure Swedish vowels and strange clucking sounds I make with my tongue (10 points for the reference!). I always had difficulty saying what I meant, for whatever reason I said pretty much the exact opposite of what I intended. I hid behind laughter, jokes, doing silly things and making people fall into hysterics. I hid behind the lyrics of the songs I wrote. Everything changed that night.

Somehow, by the graces of Joss Whedon and the word 'Pylea', I landed myself a kiss from this amazing girl. As our time that night ended I got her number, but my silly digits managed to mess it up and missed a digit somewhere as I typed it into my phone. A trek to a friends house to retrieve my house keys, followed by an eternity of waiting and ridiculous anticipation - "what if she thinks I'm not going to text?", "what if she doesn't reply?", "what if..." "SHUT UP KENNY!" ... I finally got the right one.

It wasn't all plain sailing from there though. I got to spend a fantastic 2 weeks with Dannie after that, but then she moved to Carlisle for 4 years. No not to get away from me silly (wouldn't have blamed her though haha), no she was studying Art down there. I said I would keep in touch and so we did, texting each other almost every day, talking on MSN (remember that?), eventually graduating up to Skype - who I have to say have been the absolute savior of our relationship. They even sent us this crazy little buddy pack which I still have :D

We had the occasional weekend visits and spent summers together, Carlisle is actually a nice place once you get to know it. It wasn't easy though and we have had to fight to keep ourselves together. There are some things I wish I could take back, start over and for that I will forever be sorry, but then we would not be who we are today if not for the struggle.

Knowing I pretty much had everything I would ever need in life with her, I took my guitar to a very busy Glasgow Central Station on Friday, 14th of March 2014 (Pi Day <3) and played it to a very surprised looking girlfriend. At the end of the song, one I wrote specifically for her, I reached into my pocket, pulled out a ring she had designed herself and asked her to marry me.

She said yes to the applause of the people close by that had stopped to watch. I was shaking worse than pneumatic drill. It wasn't until about an hour later I started to get texts and tweets from friends - someone had captured the end on their mobile and put it on Facebook. At the time of writing it's been shared almost 200 times and liked nearly five and a half thousand. It's not every day you go viral :P

Thank you Lauren :)


This was the ring. I say was because we've have to send it back and subsequently choose a new design. 5 months of hell you could call it, dealing with customs and invoices. There's light at the end of this tunnel though :) As I mentioned Dannie designed the ring herself via Gemvara. Despite everything we've went through to get it, I cannot fault the support we've had from them. it's truly been amazing. Special thanks must go to Susan for all her help.


So we're here.


I was supposed to do this shortly after the proposal, but life and other things got in the way. 5 years to the day after I first met you, I want to give you this. This song is our history, our journey, our legacy. I never want to forget what we've shared and I can't wait to see where life is going to take us. I love you more than these tiny pixels could ever say. You are the whisky to my jar, Yuna to my Tidus, Cortana to my Chief.

I think this is the start of something.



To my @duckiedannie

From your @stickerboy

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