13th Jun 2014

Every now and then, through all the misery, pain, destruction and death the world feeds us on a daily basis, every now and then there is a glimmer of hope that pushes through. We reach tipping point and something just snatches it back a little for you, well today for me was one of those days. Today the world showed me that people still care about each other and that gives me hope.

A short while ago in work I came across some blog postings from @meyerweb , about how his little girl was fighting cancer. I tried hard not to weep uncontrollably as I sat and read at my desk, feeling the pain and sadness of letter printed on my screen. It was with great sadness today that I learned Eric's daughter Rebecca has lost that fight. I almost had to leave my desk and had to fight to compose myself around my colleagues.

What i wasn't prepared for was what you did. Yes, you. All of you. I'm not talking about you folk tweeting and facebooking and blogging, I'm talking about all you human beings out there. Millions of people die every day, it's a hard fact of life that we will die one day, but I don't think I have ever seen a response like this before. Maybe it's just the circles I keep myself with on the internet and Eric being well known in those parts. What I know is that today I witnessed so many people praying and offering comfort to a family they don't even know and it moved me.

People often talk about things "trending on twitter" and how hashtags can't change the world. Well, you're right, they can't, but what they can do is spread. That's exactly what the #663399Becca did (and is still doing) this afternoon to the point where I came across this: Click Here and that is just amazing.

To Eric and his family: Although we have never met and probably never will, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I can't even begin to imagine what you have went through or are going through. My heart broke reading your blog, the pieces scattered when I heard your news today, but humanities glue set about fixing it back together today. I hope our messages today can mend even a tiny peice of yours.

To you all out there, thank you showing that humanity still has meaning to its word. Thank you for showing that we still care about each other and that we are still capable of caring even for a complete stranger.

You know I fought so hard but that last sentence just made the tears roll out. I don't think I would call them tears of sadness though, maybe tears of hope. Grieving isn't always bad, you always have the good memories to keep with you. Hold on to them, squeeze them tight and let them make you smile.


Rest in peace little one x



There are many charities out for Cancer, please consider sending a donation if you can. One that features frequently o my twitter stream is St Baldrick's.

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