You have a new voicemail! ... *sighs*

8th May 2014

I hate wasting people's time. Why do people love wasting mine?

A few weeks ago I went through most of the recruitment websites I had signed up with last year and started to update my profile - finally off probation, so I am a now full-time developer, yay! Needless to say in the days and weeks after that I was inundated with emails, phone calls and voicemails about job opportunities. Oh how I love's handling of un-subscriptions :)

I have to admit, I hate phone calls. I hate speaking on the phone. I hate having to phone people. I will honestly do my best to dodge phoning places, if I can get someone else to do it. I prefer email, SMS, twitter or other social networking, heck I would actually take a Skype video call over a standard phone call. So when recruiters contact me, I respond via email. Phone calls. Blarg :|

Signal for mobiles on the trains around Glasgow isn't great - there's usually at least 1 tunnel per 3 stops - so while I'm travelling to and from work, I really can't take calls. Lunch breaks are hit and miss, purely because of the really short window I have to find a quiet place for a chat (usually Caffe Nero round the corner from the office). And no, I'm not the guy that takes a call like that at my desk.

Why can't you just send me info via email? It's not hard, it's actually easier. Instead of spending 20 minutes reading stuff from a word document, just send it to me and I will read it. I will tell you either way if I am interested or not. Leaving me hanging for close to an hour in a coffee shop waiting on your call is not cool. It's even less cool to not even email a "Sorry, caught in a meeting". I'd happily take those 5 words, even 5 minutes before.

A couple of weeks ago I got a "Sorry, caught in a meeting". Only problem was that it came nearly 5 hours later. It also came after numerous missed calls and a reply chain of 10 emails that left me knowing nothing more than the initial voicemail. Today, well I'm still waiting. At time of writing it's nearly 4 hours later. Don't get me wrong, I know that things happen out-with anyone's control sometimes. Issues crop up, meetings crop up, but I know if it was me, I would do my best to let that person know what was going on so as not to waste their time. I have actually started stating in emails to recruiters now that I work full time, I think I'll add that phone calls are out.

So apart from all that drama, things have been quiet since my last blog. All 5 seasons of Breaking Bad and 4 seasons of The Walking Dead quiet. With TWD not returning until October (don't worry, I don't do spoilers), I now find myself looking for another TV to fill the void. Netflix, here I come...

This week's track of the week comes from Machine Head and their fantastic track Halo


Ps. Oh yeah, I got engaged :)

I also went viral :)

Fun stuff :)

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