You may have sense, but it is not very common

21st Feb 2014

I like my music loud, anyone that knows me will probably know that. Music and technology are 2 of the biggets things in my life, they go hand in hand with each other. Wherever I go I will innevitably have music playing, whether it's a 10 minute walk to the store or a 40 minute trip to work. I remember missing so many phone calls solely because I had my mp3 player up so loud and didn't hear the ringer, or didn't feel it vibrate.

It was truly amazing when technology got to the stage where I only needed one device - I could store music on my phone and let myself be interrupted by a phone call or hearan SMS come through. Since that time I have always used my phone as my primary source of music when I travel. I tweet a lot too, as you may gather from my twitter stats :)

If I see something interesting, think about something interesting, or generally just want to converse with world as I walk, I'll pull my phone out and start to compose a tweet. We humans are a marvellous bunch: we can multi-task with minimal effort (walk, talk, breathe, observe, etc), so walking and texting sin't really that hard. You just need to be aware of your surroundings, be mindful of others and keep a look out for where you are going. I don't always walk and text. I prefer to be stationary, so generally I will stop up against a seat or a wall and make my tweet and then carry on. From time to time I might pull my phone out to skip a music track, but this takes less than 10 seconds to do and then it's right back in my pocket again.

I am constantly aware of my surroundings when I am out walking - scanning the groups of people heading my way coming from either direction and sometimes a quick check to the corner of my eye for people heading from behind me. I analyze how quickly they are walking, where they are likely to be and make my best guesses as to what the easiest path is for me to navigate the crowd. Yes, I actually do this. Yes, I am pretty sad haha. Another thing I do is wait at traffic lights and this is where I get to the point of my ranty blog.

I can't count the amount of people I watch every day crossing the streets of Glasgow who are almost hit by vehicles. Just this afternoon, I looked on in horror as a man mere feet away from me came within milliseconds of being flattened by a Bus right in front of me. Why? Because he couldn't stand the thought of waiting the 26 seconds that were left on the timer until the lights changed. Were you in that much of a hurry that 26 seconds were going to ruin your entire life? Your stupidity nearly did, along with ruining the lives of all you hold dear and the poor people on that Bus and the surrounding are.

You sir, are a fucking arrogant, selfish, prick.

We have traffic lights and pedestrian lights set up for a reason - to tell cars to stop and let people cross safely. They are timed to allow both types of traffic to keep flowing. Why do you people insist on crossing when it's not safe to do so? Just because there are no visible signs of traffic, does NOT make it safe for you to cross.

I mentioned phones and texting and music earlier, but the not all the people I have observed have been engrossed in theitr phone while crossing (though a fair few have been). No, the majority are people who simply walk out into the road seemingly without a care in the world. Then, once they are about half way they realise there is traffic turning their direction and quickly scuffle themselves out of the way. 2 weeks ago, I watched on as a man was nearly ended by Taxi becuase he was too busy admiring his lunch.

"Here lies John Doe. He loved his Meatball subs to death. Literally".

We hear so many reports on the news about people being knocked down and everyone looks at the driver. Why do we never hear that it was the pedestrians fault? From what I've seen of Glasgow City Centre, it's the pedestrians that should be getting done for dangerous walking. Please everyone, have a little patience. Wait those extra 20 seconds, it's not going to kill you. Impatience more than likely will. Missed your bus becuase you were stuck at the lights? I would rather catch a seat on the next one than a ride underneath it.

RED means stop
GREEN means go

Stay safe everyone. Please.

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